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"A fantastic photographer, really genuine and very talented. As can be seen from his Instagram profile. Highly recommend. An absolute gent too, nothing was too much trouble, he made our wedding day go as smoothly as he possibly could"

With a twist!


Love Emotion and Laughter Words

It may not be apparent to you, but I have been taught a good photograph is composed of three critical elements;


Light | Composition | Moment


These three parameters of a picture are always on my mind when I photograph. I'm not going to paparazzi your wedding.

Instead, I'm going to observe and capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding day.

Brides Necklace and Earings
Brides Shoes and Rings
Glass with Prosecco
Rings on a box with Vail
Brides Ring and Shoes
Bride and Groom just got Married

Why are moments precious?

Almost all memories are derived from images of our past. Some of our earliest interactions with the wonder of photography will have been scratchy prints developed at the local chemist or supermarket. These memories resonate with us because they take us right back to exact moments in time.

Wedding photojournalism is about telling the whole story of your wedding, and the details are part of that. Details such as locations and table decorations are all essential elements of the wedding day too.

Documentary Photography

You’ve hired a documentary wedding photographer!

Your photographs will have plenty of documentary, natural and candid moments. They will be like a mini-movie, capturing every moment, laugh, and reaction.

You might also see a lot of movement in your images and split-second moments. There might also be close-ups of interesting details that help support the more comprehensive picture. For example, a hand being held – or a child asleep under a table.

What will my wedding photographs look like?

Groom Getting Upset at the Top Table
Lady Dancing Crazy on the Dance Floor with Colourful Lights

Camera Shy?

Other than the odd, pre-planned traditional family group photo, I typically spend 95% of the wedding day photographing real and meaningful moments between family and friends. Weddings are full of these beautiful and often fleeting moments - elements that depict the true essence of a wedding day.


A skilled natural-style wedding photographer is one that you shouldn’t notice too much and yet has the competence to spend the entire day in the thick of the action photographing uninhibited interactions between family and friends. Importantly, a photographer should have no impact on the atmosphere or flow of the day itself.

"Can not thank Ross enough very friendly amazing photos put everyone at ease will highly recommend brilliant"



Black and White Photo of Bridesmaids Shoes and Flowers

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